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Guiding Eyes Classic


39th Annual Guiding Eyes Classic Tournament

June 12, 2016
Mt. Kisko, NY.
 The 39th Guiding Eyes Classic was held at Mt. Kisco  Country Club in Mt. Kisco, NY, on June 12, 2016 .  This event is a fund raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a guide dog training school in Yorktown Heights, New York. 
The tournament was played using the Stableford scoring system.
 The winners are:
Corcoran Cup Mario Tobia Coached by Frank Hesson. This team scored the most points.
Cribari Trophy Jim Baker Coached by Kyle Seeley. This team scored the next most points.
McFarland Trophy George Pilz Coached by Mark Batty. Every golfer had a target number which is determined by their handicap. This team exceeded their target by the most points. 
Spoonster Trophy Sheila Drummond Coached by Keith Drummond. This team showed the most improvement from last years score.
The weather was  pleasant , breezy and no rain on Sunday.
The Monday scramble was well attended even though it was chilly and windy. All golfers had  a great time. 
David Santucci received the Ken Venturi Coach of the year Award. David is the Coach of Ted Fass.



38th Annual Guiding Eyes Classic Tournament

June 7, 2015
Mt. Kisko, NY.

The winners are:
Corcoran Cup Zohar Sharon Coached by Shimshon Levi
Cribari Trophy Mario Tobia Coached by Matt Tobia
McFarland Trophy Jim Baker Coached by Kyle Seeley
Spoonster Trophy John Casolo Coached by David Mouton
The weather was great, warm and sunshine on Sunday.
The Monday scramble was well attended even though it was raining early, but it cleared up and became a nice day. All golfers had fun.
Mark Batty received the Ken Venturi Coach of the year Award. Mark is the Coach of George Pilz.
Tonya, Guide dog, of Dick Pomo received an Award from the Canine company 2015Dog of the Year. This is a new award given for the first time to Tonya.

Read  more about the tournament on the GEC Website

Photos from the 38th Annual GEC

37th Annual Guiding Eyes Classic  Tournament

June 9-12
Mt. Kisko, NY

The winner of the Corcoran Cup is the competitor who scores the highest number of points. This years winner is Ron Derry coached by Phillip Hankins.

The Cribari Trophy goes to the competitor with the next highest number of points. The winner is Tony Schiros coached by James Kaiser. 
Each USBGA golfer will have a USBGA handicap this year. Based on that handicap, each golfer will
be assigned a target number of points for the competition. The McFarland Trophy will be
awarded to the competitor who exceeds their point target by the most points. The winner is Sheila Drummond coached by Keith Drummond. 
The Spoonster Award for the Most Improved Player will be awarded to the team who showed the
most improvement from last year to this year. The winner is Mike Mercado coached by Bob Clingerman.

Read  more about the tournament on the GEC Website


David Mouton is Recognized for his Coaching Skills
The Ken Venturi Coach of the Year Award is named in honor of the legendary PGA champion and World Golf Hall of Famer.  Ken deeply appreciated the relationship between a coach and a blind golfer, believing a coach must have a high level of expertise in the game, exemplary sportsmanship, and spirited compassion.
The criteria for this distinguished honor include participation in at least five Corcoran Cup tournaments, outstanding sportsmanship and good judgment, a demonstrated helpfulness and respect of all players, as well as a willingness to advocate for the US Blind Golf Association and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 
This year we are pleased to present the Coach of the Year Award to David Mouton, coach for blind golfer, John Casolo.
When the USBGA National Championship came to San Antonio in 2009, John was scheduled to play but had no traveling coach. David’s weekly golf partner Harry Hester, a B3 player in Austin, asked David if he would like to coach for John and he agreed. This was the beginning of their historic journey; they are now the best of friends and have played together at every possible tournament since then.
John shares, “It makes me extremely happy to know that David will be receiving the coach of the year award.  For the last five years, we have averaged at least four tournaments each year and we always have a great time - no matter how poorly I play.  David is not only a super coach, but he has become a wonderful friend.  I am truly blessed to have his presence in my life.”
On behalf of Guiding Eyes for the Blind and the Golf Classic Committee, we congratulate David on this prestigious honor.


Photos from the 37th Annual GEC
David Mouton accepting Coach of the Year Plaque
Mike Mercado and coach Bob Klingerman accepting their trophies
Sheila and Keith Drummond accepting their trrophies
Tony Schiros and coach James Kaiser accepting their trophies
Ron Derry with coach Phil Hankins accepting the Corcoran Cup


HISTORY - Guiding Eyes Classic

36th Annual Guiding Eyes Tournament

June 8-11
36th Annual Guiding Eyes Classic (Invitational)
Mt. Kisko, NY
Guiding Eyes Points and Strokes pdf

Mario Makes Strong Finish to Win Blind Golf Masters

Mario Tobia, a former discus thrower athlete in high school and college, flew by the field in a strong finish at this year's Guiding Eyes Corcoran Cup, the Masters of Blind Golf. Mario and his coach, son Matthew, 28, closed out the competition with an incredibly strong bogie, bogie and par on their last three holes played at Mount Kisco CC, Mount Kisco, New York.

"We got off to a rugged start, scoring only 12 stableford points on the front nine, which pretty much put us out of the running for a win. But I found my swing and began hitting fairways on the back nine." said Mario in a recap ten days after tournament play.

This was the 36th consecutive year in which Guiding Eyes for the Blind brings in the top ranked 14 USBGA totally blind golfers and their coaches to play the Corcoran Cup, typically played on the second Sunday in June. Golfers and their coaches then stay over for the Guiding Eyes Monday golf fundraiser and Monday evening banquet. The Guiding Eyes Monday event is one of their largest annual fundraisers, a corporate golf "scramble" that fills not just one golf course but two. The first is Mount Kisco CC in Mount Kisco, NY. The other is Fairview Country Club just across the state line in nearby Connecticut.

According to Guiding Eyes president Bill Badger, "It takes approximately $45,000 to breed, raise, train and match one guide to a blind or visually impaired handler. The funds raised through the Guiding Eyes Golf Classic are hugely important to the school and the USBGA is an essential partner in making this happen. By playing golf with corporate sponsors and interacting with our dinner guests, the USBGA helps to keep our mission in the forefront throughout the event."

David Meador and coach Everett Davis were winners of the Cribari Trophy, awarded to the competitor with the second highest number of points. Jim Baker and coach Kyle Seeley took home the McFarland Trophy for most exceeding their point target based on their USGA handicap. Ron Derry and Coach Brian Larson won the Spoonster Award as the team showing the most improvement from the previous year.
Obviously, the USBGA is itself a winner for long helping such a great cause. Congratulations one and all!

Photos from the 36th Annual GEC

mario Tobia being lined up for a putt by his son

Mario Tobia being lined up for a putt by his  son

Bill Mcmahon as he finishes a drive

Mario Tobia and his son being presented the Corcoran Cup by Al

Bill McMahon receiving a framed photo fro Al and Tom Mirus

Sheila Drummond finishing her swing as coach Keith follows the ball

Ron Derry as he comples a drive

David Wall in full swing on a drive

Tee Fass being lined up for a drive by his coach


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