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The following are the amazing stories of the fortunate USBGA members who have had a Hole-in-One!  Have you had a hole-in-one not listed here?  Contact us!

The following are the amazing stories of the fortunate USBGA members who have had a Hole-in-One!  Have you had a hole-in-one not listed here?  Contact us!

Ty Thompson, B2

Ron Plath, B2

Kevin Edwards, B2

Course – Peninsula Golf Resort, Lancaster, Ky

Date – September 10, 2012

The Shot – Hole #4, 144 yds; Club – 9-iron

Coach/Guide – Boyle May

Description –  Lined up on the rght edge of a tree behind green.  “You started it on the line and it will land on the green.  It’s on the green and is rolling.  It’s at the pin.  It went in!”  My comment, “Really?”  Doyle’s reply “I’ll bet your clubs on it!”  My reply “You mean if it didn’t, that I’d have to give you my clubs?”  Doyle’s’ reply “OK, I’ll bet everybody’s clubs!”  Mike Green stated “I saw it go in also!”  “It’s in the hole”  Don Shackleford “I didn’t see it, I was getting a club”.  my reply “Let’ s hold off on high 5’s until we go up there.”  Once near the green, Ty  is the first out of the cart and walks to pin and recovers the Titleist from the front bottom of the cup.  Then high 5’s broke out!  Then one of the group got funny and stated “Too bad this does ‘t count.”  I asked “why?” and they replied “Well, doesn’t really count, if you can’t see it go in?”  I’m sure he smiled as he saw my expression turn from disbelief to laughter.

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GolfWorld article of this amazing feat

Charles Perle, B3

Course – Greenbrier Wittingham Golf Course

Date – June 24, 2022

Description – Par 3 and used a 4 hybrid


Sheila Drummon

Hole-In-One Insurance Company Honors Two; A Totally Blind Golfer & the King of Aces® for their Very Unique Golf Accomplishments

National Hole-In-One Insurance is proud to recognize two amazing World Record breaking hole-in-one golf feats.

“King of Aces” Mancil Davis with 51 lifetime aces holds the PGA world record for official holes-in-ones.

Quote startMancil Davis’s secret for making holes-in-one: “I aim at the hole!”Quote end

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 13, 2011

National Hole-In-One Association, (http://www.hio.com), the largest international hole-in-one insurance prize provider of golf and other prize promotion insurance services, is honoring two individual golf feats by sponsoring their induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame Hole-In-One Registry, the world’s leading registrar of golf holes-in-one.

National Hole-In-One Association is proud to recognize Sheila Drummond, who is believed to be the first ever totally blind female golfer to land a hole-in-one. Blinded by diabetes three decades ago, she made golf history in 2007 by sinking an ace on a 144-yard, par-three hole at the Mahoning Valley Country Club, near her home in northeastern Pennsylvania.

On that day, Sheila was playing with her husband and golf coach, Keith. “Blind golf is a team sport,” she explains, “with the coach serving as the blind golfer’s eyes on the course. Without a coach, I could not play golf.”

Recalling the shot, she adds, “I had been golfing for 15 or so years, and had played that course many, many times. “For some reason, I had always struggled with that hole, but on that day, I guess I got lucky.” After word of her accomplishment spread, she accepted an invitation to appear, along with her husband, on ABC’s Good Morning America. Today, she serves as president of the United States Blind Golf Association.

The hole-in-one insurance provider National Hole-In-One is also honoring Mancil Davis, widely known as the King of Aces® for his PGA record-setting astounding 51 holes-in-one. Davis landed his first ace at age 11. “I was fortunate to be part of an incredible juniors program run by the local PGA chapter in West Texas,” he recalls. After his first ace, Davis racked up several more in a matter of months, earning him national recognition, including wire service stories, an article in Golf Digest magazine and an appearance on CBS Television’s “I’ve Got a Secret” game show.

Both honorees are equally impressed with each others’ success. “It’s amazing,” says Sheila, of Mancil’s feat. “Many sighted golfers never enjoy the feeling of a single hole-in-one. To have more than 50 is truly incredible.”

Adds Mancil, “For a sighted golfer, the odds of hitting a hole-in-one are more than 12,000 to 1. I don’t know about the odds for a blind golfer, but whatever they are, Sheila’s accomplishment was outstanding. I’m in awe.”

Both also are excited about the game of golf and its positive effect on those who play. “At the United States Blind Golf Association (http://www.blindgolf.com) we bring together sighted and blind golfers to help share our love of the game—with each other and with young people who are blind and vision-impaired,” says Drummond. “Golf is a tough sport. It requires a lot of time, a lot of energy. But it is, perhaps, the one sport that can be played despite vision impairment. That’s why we work with kids to teach them the game and help them progress.”

Mancil Davis, who also serves as Director of Golf Operations for National Hole-In-One Association, adds, “The game of golf is, of course, challenging, but it’s rewarding, as well. This is especially true for those who are fortunate to experience a hole-in-one shot. In my travels—often on an airplane, it seems—when people find out about me, they’ll start telling me about their hole-in-one experience. It’s like they’re talking about their grandchild; there’s a glow on their faces and real pride in how they talk about the shot. It’s something they’ll remember the rest of their lives.”

The World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum created the World Golf Hall of Fame Hole-in-One Registry to let golfers memorialize hole-in-one shots—online and with a commemorative brick placed in the Walk of Champions at the Hall of Fame complex in Florida. Registration donations support the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum and their work to honor the history of the game and preserve the legacies of the world’s greatest players and contributors.Those interested in treating their dad to a one-of-a-kind gift this Father’s Day can consider one of the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum’s many creative offerings. See: http://www.worldgolfhalloffame.org/media/press_releast.php?pr=hof81.

“I’m excited about the program they put together with the registry and the Walk of Fame” Mancil adds. “It takes individual accomplishment to a different level. It provides a permanent recognition and it helps the charity and their work at building awareness and interest in the game. For me to have a brick on there is very, very exciting.”

About the National Hole-In-One AssociationNational Hole-in-One Aassociation with offices in Dallas and London, is the world’s oldest and largest provider of hole-in-one insurance and prize insurance for golf and other sporting events. Since 1981, the organization has insured more than 300,000 events and given away more than $50 million in prizes. Five individuals, including Lee Trevino and Tom Kite, have won $1 million prizes through the organization. http://www.hio.com

About the United States Blind Golf AssociationThe United States Blind Golf Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that teaches and promotes blind/visually impaired golf and conducts golf tournaments—including an annual National Championship—for its members. There are two levels of membership: Full USBGA membership, for those who are blind or visually impaired wanting to play golf; and support membership, for coaches, sponsors and any other person interested in endorsing the mission of the USBGA. http://www.blindgolf.com

About the World Golf Hall of Fame & MuseumThe World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum honors the history of the game by preserving the legacies of the world’s greatest players and contributors. In the museum located at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Fla., the Hall of Fame serves as a steward of the game through elaborate storytelling and exhibits featuring artifacts, works of art and photography significant to the history of golf and its members. A World Golf Foundation initiative, the Hall of Fame is a 501(c)3 nonprofit institution associated with 26 national and international golf organizations, including The European Tour, LPGA, the Masters Tournament, PGA of America, PGA TOUR, The R&A and USGA. To learn more about the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum or to lend support, visit the website. http://www.WorldGolfHallofFame.org

About Mancil Davis “King of Aces®” For availability for events and appearances, please call 877-369-2260. http://www.MancilDavis.com51 Official Holes-In-One – PGA Record10 Double Eagles – World Record8,673 combined yards of holes-in-one – over 4.5 miles!Career Holes in One – Average Yardage – 170 yardsMade a hole-in-one with every club but the putter, sw and pwLongest Hole-In-One – 379 yardsShortest Hole-In-One – 124 yards8 holes-in-one in a single year – 19673 holes-in-one within five (5) days – June 19675 holes-in-one on the same hole – #2 at Odessa Country Club, Odessa TexasAces all four par threes on one golf course – Trophy Club, Roanoake TexasFirst hole-in-one at age 11Made at least one hole-in-one per year between 1967 and 1987Has appeared on all three major TV Sport networks, ESPN and CNN


Arthur Beauregard has had 4 hole-in-one, 3 were after he lost his vision:

1st: with sight 
Lincoln country club
120 yards
Pitching wedge
2nd after he lost his sight
Midland Valley Country club
# 9 178 yards
5 Iron
Midland Valley Country Club
# 12 160 yards
7 Iron
Plantation Country Club Crane Roost
# 11 124 yards
Pitching wedge

Bob Andrews, B1

Course – Killearn Country Club, South Course, Tallahassee, FL

Date –

Description – Hole #3, 135 yards, 7 iron.  It was late in the day when Bob and friend Bill were playing. No one on the course or at the pro shop. Bill said “oh shoot. Only you Bob, me and God saw this. I wonder if anyone will ever believe us.”  They did and the club gave Bob a plaque. 

Charlie Adams, B3

Course – Stone Creek

Date – Oct. 4, 2006

Yardage – 

Description – 

Hold flag from hole-in-one by Charlie Adams