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Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

  • B3 Representative

Scott lives in Eastern Oregon, on the Oregon/Idaho border. He is married and has three adult children and four grandchildren. Scott has lived all but one year of his life in Oregon, living in the Portland area until 1985 then moving to Ontario and has lived there since.

His college education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Portland State University and a Master of Business Administration Degree, also from Portland State University.

Since 1985, Scott has worked at and purchased a family business in Ontario.  Scott has also served on the Treasure Valley Community College Board of Education for fourteen years, with four years as Board Chair. Currently he is serving on the City of Ontario Public Works Committee which provides oversite of Public Works activities for the City of Ontario.

Blind golf for Scott started in 2009 and has been a large part of Scott’s life since joining the USBGA.  He plays as a B-3 visually impaired golfer. Joining the USBGA Board in 2021, Scott feels that the organization is heading in the right direction and wants to help that continue. Providing opportunities for blind and visually impaired children and adults is rewarding and helps bring additional members to the organization. The future depends on bringing in new members and creating opportunities through clinics and tournaments.

Scott has played golf as a B-3 visually impaired golfer Nationally and Internationally. In 2012 Scott finished third in the World Championships in Trurro, Nova Scotia. Scott has won several tournaments in the United States and Canada, including multiple US and Canadian Open Championships.